"WOW!, That Was Close"!

One Out of Every 200 Homes
Is Hit Each Year!

"That One Just Missed Us!"

Texas Leads the Nation
in Cloud to Ground Strikes!

That Might Have Been Us!

According to CDC 33% of
Lightning Injuries Occur Indoors

Lightning Protection San Antonio & Texas

Each Year, Hundreds of Thousands of Structures Suffer From Lightning Damage. Texas Now Leads the Country In Most Cloud-to-Ground Strikes
  •   Over 30% of Lightning Fatalities Occur Inside a Struture
  •   A Single Strike Can Contain Up-To 100 million Volts of Electricity
  •   Lightning Causes 30,000 House Fires in the U.S. Yearly
  •   One Out of Every 200 Homes is Struck by Lighning Each Year
lightning rod decoration

couple looking at their home
install a lightning prevention systems

install a lightning protection systems

Why Doctor Boom?

  •   Fourth Generation Family Owned and Operated Since 1959
  •   Best Customer Satisfaction in the Lightning Rod Industry
  •   All Materials Used Are 100% Made in the United States
  •   Our Prices Are Affordable and Our Workmanship Is Professional
  •   We Use Approved Products from Underwriters Laboratory

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